ACM, Advice and Consulting in Mining GmbH provides advice and support to 

  • Mining companies during times of restructuring and to harmonize operational procedures
  • Investment Banks for the evaluation of enterprises and projects
  • Equipment supply-companies and contractors in the mining industry
  • Investors during the identification process of suitable projects


We offer our services around the globe

  • Our experts have supported clients in more than 80 countries so far.
  • Our evaluations fully consider all economic, financial, macro-economic, environmental, technical, legal, taxation approval and permission aspects.


Any questions? Please contact us
Karl-Schumm-Straße 22
74613 Öhringen, Germany

Phone: 0228 – 92 59 95 38
Mobil: 0173 – 664 28 12
E-Mail: tobias.vels(at)