We from ACM, Advice and Consulting in Mining GmbH are proud of the results we have achieved in the past. Please contact us in case you want to know more about our projects. We are more than pleased to inform you about our regional experience and about the projects we have been involved in.
Our experience is based on 40 years of international project work.


We are absolutely independent and have therefore no conflicting interest due to alliances with mining companies, equipment supplies or any type of contracting. Our success is based on the
performance of our experts.
We offer know-how transfer during training courses and workshops.


Karl-Schumm-Straße 22
74613 Öhringen, Germany

Phone: 0228 – 92 59 95 38
Mobil: 0173 – 664 28 12
E-Mail: tobias.vels(at)